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Your financial success is our number one priority.

Better Money with 元素 Financial

A podcast for your financial life.


Better Money Podcast Logo欢迎来到 Better Money with 元素 Financial, a podcast where we deliver trusted advice from financial wellness pros to help you make your money — and your life in general — better.

Whether you’re a member with us yet or not, welcome to our friendly financial podcast that broadcasts from 印第安纳波利斯, 印第安纳州, where the headquarters for our credit union is located. 

Weekly episodes cover a variety of topics with conversation and special guests:

  • Finding holistic approaches to your finances
  • Giving yourself some leeway when it comes to your financial plan
  • Realistic goal setting
  • Making sacrifices and learning to balance life with finances
  • The life of an auto loan application
  • 和更多的...


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Financial 计算器

Run the numbers for your next financial decision.
  • Estimate your loan payment
  • Learn how much to save to reach your goal
  • Determine the best mortgage option for your budget
  • Work towards paying off a credit card



Get a consolidated view of all your accounts balances and spending habits.
  • Link your accounts across multiple financial institutions within 元素 哪个赌钱app比较好 so you can see the complete picture of where your finances stand
  • Our personal money management and budgeting tools categorize your transactions, track spending habits, help you understand your net worth, 和更多的
  • No extra apps to install — it's all presented simply within your 哪个赌钱app比较好 or mobile app

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SavvyMoney Credit Score

Free ongoing credit score, reporting, and monitoring.
  • FREE access to your credit score, full credit report, and credit monitoring
  • You can track your credit score daily (up to every 24 hours) — your score will never be negatively affected
  • No extra apps to install — it's all presented simply within your 哪个赌钱app比较好 or mobile app

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Free Credit Counseling

When you need some friendly, confidential advice on your finances
  • Confidential, one-on-one review of your personal credit report
  • Get help developing a comprehensive budget
  • There is never a cost for our credit counseling services

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